Introducing our Yoga Teacher at the Amazon Ayahuasca Retreats

Our Yoga Teacher at our Amazon Ayahuasca RetreatsOver the years at our Ayahuasca and Plant Spirit Shamanism Retreats on an ad hoc basis we have invited yoga teachers to the Retreats to hold Yoga, Chi Gung and meditation classes. This has worked very well with Ayahuasca and the plants, and we have found a real synergy between these two bodies of practices. Now that Eugene Bersuker (a Russian American) has joined our team at our Retreat programmes. We have now (officially) incorporated Yoga, Chi Gong, and Meditation classes in our programme.

Eugene is a qualified Yoga teacher, trained in India, Shivananda Saraswati School of Yoga. Traditional Hatha and Yoga for Healing. Yoga postures and meditations used to relieve tensions, purify mind/body, and raise vibrations. An instructor in Chi Gong, and Eugene is also a Licensed Massage Therapist – Swedish and Shiatsu.


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