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Shipibo Seed bag

Shipibo Seed bag, a photo by Howard G Charing on Flickr. A beautiful bag made from the small round seeds of Achira (Canna) seeds with the ‘clasp’ the red and black Huayruro (Ormosia) seed. The twine is made from Tamshi (Heteropsis jenmanii). More Info. Tamshi:…

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Ayahuasca Shaman – Artidoro Aro Cardenas Interviewed

An interview with Ayahuasca Shaman – Artidoro Aro Cardenas, by Peter Cloudsley & Howard G Charing (2003) This article has been revised to include plant classification names. An extract from this interview appeared in the book Plant Spirit Shamanism (Destiny Books USA). [scribd id=46540888 key=key-y0gzzmcvxhbd7yj6mgy…

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