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Can We Transform Human Consciousness via our Facebook Walls?

I don’t know about your Facebook Wall, but mine is being plastered by on an hourly basis by dozens of motivational and inspirational posters. Some are good, some are bad, and some are banal – but it is the sheer inexorable volume of these quips…

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Love, Magic, and the Vine of the Soul – Interview With Amazonian Shaman Javier Arevalo

[scribd id=80663597 key=key-2m4fm9yovsncdpqohwy3 mode=list] An interview titled ‘Love, Magic, and the Vine of the Soul’. Amazonian shaman Javier Arevalo interviewed by Howard g Charing, and Peter Cloudsley. This article first appeared in Sacred Hoop Magazine issue 36 in 2002

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The Pusanga – the Attraction Powers of the Amazon

The Western rational mind can only struggle, to take as an example the famed ‘love potion’ of the Amazon known as the Pusanga. In rational terms it makes no sense whatsoever, how can a concoction of leaves, roots, and seeds attract a lover, or good…

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