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Ceremonial Chants, Music and Ayahuasca Icaros | Shamans of Peru CD

The haunting, plaintive music of Peruvian shamans was recorded at ceremonies in the Peruvian Andes and the Amazon rainforest. The chants and icaros have an organic relationship to the medicine plants, and are primarily intended as devotional music for a ceremony. It is equally possible…

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Dominic J Marshall Trio: Icaros (2012)

A great CD by the Dominic J Marshall Trio titled ‘Icaros’. The music is really good, but the main reason why I’m posting is because of the Cover Art –  a painting by Pablo Amaringo ‘ Las Nalpeas del Renaco’. Although I’m on old Vinyl…

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Shamans of Peru – CD

THE SHAMANS OF PERU CD Ceremonial Chants, Icaros, and Music Shamans of Peru – Recorded on Eagle’s Wing Journeys to Peru Contains chants and dramatic effects of six different ceremonies with shamans who have worked with Eagle’s Wing Groups. Two ceremonies with San Pedro maestros…

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