THE POWER OF VISIONARY ART – Evolution of Consciousness ¦ Seminar in Bucharest



Bucharest May 22nd 2014 7PM Hosted by Matei Georgescu – From the series: Spirituality Serving Education Spiru Haret University – Sociology-Psychology

Department Presenter: Howard G Charing, co-author of ‘Plant Spirit Shamanism’ and ‘The Ayahuasca Visions of Pablo Amaringo’

With the participation of: Prof. Ph. D. Mihaela Minulescu. Jungian Analyst, National School of Political and Administrative Studies Prof. Ph. D. Vintila Mihailescu. Anthropologist, National School of Political and Administrative Studies

Aurel Mocanu: Translation

Moderator: Assoc. Prof. Ph. D. Matei Georgescu, Spiru Haret University.

In this seminar, I will be exploring the mystery that visionary art reveals and how the visionary experience can change either an individual or the world. Visionary artists inspire us to look beyond the veil of cultural and linguistic limitations. At this unique time of evolving human consciousness the artificial boundaries in many areas between art and science are being erased. The brilliant Mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot has shown us how to perceive the world in a totally new way by introducing the concept of Fractal Geometry and a new way to understand consciousness similar to that of visionary and spiritual art. I will also discuss the unique visionary art of the Shipibo peoples of the Amazon. Their art unites the vibrations of light, colour, and sound into a new form. I will be presenting and discussing the works of the visionaryartists; Alex Grey, Paul Laffoley, David ‘Slocum’ Hewson, and Pablo Amaringo [scribd id=226475641 key=key-pPG3r7Tf9JcQGJj3BEDC mode=scroll]