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Encounter With an Amazonian Ayahuasca Shaman

[scribd id=83181747 key=key-1x2i4v71xkv7d024qbnw mode=list] The Ayahuasca article with an interview of the shaman Javier Arevalo by Howard G Charing & Peter Cloudsley appeared in ‘Healing Today’ Magazine August 2001. The article was published with its original title and without the girls in bikinis and serenading guitar…

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Love, Magic, and the Vine of the Soul – Interview With Amazonian Shaman Javier Arevalo

[scribd id=80663597 key=key-2m4fm9yovsncdpqohwy3 mode=list] An interview titled ‘Love, Magic, and the Vine of the Soul’. Amazonian shaman Javier Arevalo interviewed by Howard g Charing, and Peter Cloudsley. This article first appeared in Sacred Hoop Magazine issue 36 in 2002

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